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Children at Lausanne Free Church

Children are welcome to join us at the church. We have several meetings specifically for children, and during other meetings activities are provided to encourage them to feel part of the church.

Church Services

We welcome all ages to our church services, including children too young to go to Sunday School. No-one in the church minds a little noise from our younger visitors, however, if parents feel that their baby or toddler needs to be taken out during the service, they are welcome to go into the babies’ room, where there are toys and a comfortable chair. This room also has convenient access to the toilet facilities.

Sunday School

Sunday School, which take place during the morning service, is aimed at children aged 4-11. The lessons are usually in both English and French, depending on the native languages of the children.

For children who attend our evening services an activity sheet is available.

The Explorers

The Explorers is a meeting for children aged 8-12. It meets once a month on a Saturday morning and is a place where children can explore the Christian faith in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Children are also welcome at the Young Women’s Bible Study on Tuesdays and the Coffee Morning on Wednesdays. Childcare is provided during the Young Women’s Bible Study in one of the Sunday School rooms, so that mothers can focus on the discussion without distractions.

Baptism and Dedication

Please click here to see the church’s policy on baptism and dedication.