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Daily Bread

During this period of lock down when we are unable to meet together for worship and studying God’s word, we are live streaming a daily message for everybody. On this page you can see and listen to a complete list of past broadcasts.

You do not need to have a Facebook account to view these.

5 April - due to a technical issue the links below are not working at the moment.

17 March (Genesis)

18 March (Exodus)

19 March (Leviticus)

20 March (Numbers)

21 March Children’s edition (Deuteronomy)

23 March (Joshua)

24 March (Judges)

25 March (Ruth)

26 March (1 Samuel)

27 March (2 Samuel)

28 March Children’s edition (1 Kings)

30 March (2 Kings)

31 March (1 Chronicles)

1 April (2 Chronicles)

2 April (Ezra)

3 April (Nehemiah)

4 April Children’s edition (Matthew 26-27)

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